My first visit to Norway was a flight to Bergen and then a tour around the fjords, getting as far north as Alesund, using my tent, public transport and camping along the way.

"Lom Stave Church"


My second visit was a tour of the fjords with my parents (they were impressed with the slides I'd brought back the previous year). It was a shorter trip because we were staying in Pensions, but included staying in Bergen, Voss, Flam and Balestrand.



Nearly twenty years after my previous visit. This was an organized hiking tour to Spitzbergen, the arctic island north of the Norwegian mainland. The tour was based on camping, but in permanent setup tented sites plus a night in a hostel in Pyramidian, a Russian mining town. (Pyramidian has since closed down and has been deserted!!).

"Ice Window"


Another five years and flights with Ryanair were available from Stansted to Oslo Torp (a two hour coach ride away from the centre of Oslo!). This time I was camping again with my own tent. A bus from Oslo to the Jotunheimen  mountains and a walk across the region. Then a bus to the fjords region camping at Balestrand, Fjaerland and Flam, before taking the train back to Oslo.

"Camping under  the Rainbow"


Again a flight with Ryanair was available from Stansted to Oslo Torp. Camping again with my own tent. A train from Oslo to Trondhiem, then a train to Bodo, boat to the Lofoten Islands.  Travel through the islands by bus and then boat and train back to Oslo.

"A in Lofoten"

My visits to Norway

The Images were all taken on slide film and then scanned into my computer.